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inFlow settings
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inFlow Settings

Options and settings in inFlow Cloud

As with any software, there are some options and settings you might want to set within inFlow to suit your business needs. Here’s a quick guide to where you can find these options in the inFlow Cloud web app and what they cover.


inFlow Cloud for Web

  1. To start, log into
  2. Click on the Main Menu at the top left and then Options.
  3. You’ll be redirected to the Personal Settings page, but you can navigate to the other tabs from the menu bar at the top.

Personal settings

This tab is for managing your inFlow profile. You can edit your display name, preferred locations, and more. Any changes you make here won’t affect other team members.

Here’s a full list of what you can set, along with links to in-depth guides.


Some options in inFlow can span across multiple functions (e.g. currency, Dimensions, and weight). Here’s a full list of them with links to specific guides.




These settings are for options relating to products or inventory (e.g. product categories, barcodes, inventory locations).

Here’s a list of them with links to specific guides.


These settings are for options relating to sales or purchase orders (e.g. taxing schemes, payment terms, and methods)

Here’s a list of them with links to specific guides.


This section covers integrations that work with inFlow. Only administrators can set up the connection or adjust existing integration settings. Non-inFlow admins can still access this section to view errors if there are any, but they won’t be able to save or change any settings as it’ll be in read-only mode.

Currently, inFlow integrates with:

We also have an API available if you’d like to build your own integration.


Here’s where you can set up your inFlow Showroom. This lets you create online product catalogs so your customers can browse products and place orders with you online.


This tab covers your account settings, such as any billing or subscription changes, team member settings, and more. You can also edit your company details here. 

Note: We require admin confirmation to discuss or assist with account-level changes (e.g., billing, team members, etc). Be sure to have access to an admin email if you are contacting us for assistance with your inFlow account.

Subscription information 

At the top, you should see your current inFlow Cloud plan (or trial!) and any add-ons you may have. It should also show your next payment date. Click View sales order usage to check if you’re nearing your order limit for the month. 

Click Update my subscription if you want to change plans or update your credit card information.

Team members
You can invite team members to your account from here and configure their access rights or roles (approvers, sales reps, etc.)

Here are some examples of what you can do within these settings:

Manage your data

Here’s where you’d go if you want to reset your inFlow Cloud database or replace your inFlow Cloud data with an inFlow On-Premise database. Note that only administrators can perform these actions!

Download Windows or mobile apps If you ever need to re-download the inFlow Cloud Windows or mobile apps, you can do so from the Downloads section at the bottom.

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