inFlow is used for inventory management in over 90 countries

Save money and balance inventory with inFlow.

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Manage stock and orders with confidence

Managing inventory can take hours out of your week without a good system in place. This is where inFlow can make a world of difference to your productivity.

Real-time access to inventory quantities, invoices, and purchases reduce the number of physical checks. Apps across all of your devices allow you to update records from anywhere. 

Whether you manage a warehouse in Bolivia or sell specialized canopies in New Zealand, inFlow can help you get the job done faster.

Work in over 120 different currencies

inFlow works with the units and systems you’re used to. Choose the metric system or imperial system for measurements. Set any currency from the Afghan afghani to the Zambian kwacha.

GPMM Enterprise in the Philippines relies on inFlow to manage purchasing, inventory, and sales online.

Flexible pricing and taxing

Set tax-inclusive pricing if you need to show VAT as part of your regular prices, or show taxes after your subtotal. You can also generate detailed invoices and reports to give your customers and your accountants everything they need for tax season.

Great support, great software for our retail store. Tracking vendors, stock, sales, and customers is a 1000 times easier and efficient because of inFlow. Easy to manage, inFlow is now our companies sales and stock management backbone for our 3 branches. We print invoices, monitor and mange stock, etc.
Sam Shelby, AST – Shelber in Dubai

Support you can count on

Our support teams in Lisbon and Toronto are ready to help by email, chat, or callback request. You can find our current support hours on our Contact page.

Use inventory software that already works around the world

Try inFlow for free!No credit card required. Sign up now!

Work in any currency

Track prices and costs in your own home currency. Easily convert foreign sales for consistent reporting.

Make taxes less taxing

Set tax-exclusive or tax-inclusive pricing and generate reports for tax time.

Get help from our in-house team

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