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inFlow settings
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Resetting inFlow data

How to reset your inFlow database

Have you finished your trial and are looking to start over completely? Uploaded the wrong database and want a re-do? No problem! You can do that through inFlow Cloud’s web app as long as you are an administrator for your company’s inFlow account.


Reset data

Use this option only if you want to start over with a clean, blank slate. If you’re looking to reset because you want to upload a new inFlow On-Premise backup file, please use the Transfer data option instead.

  1. With an Admin account, go to inFlow’s account settings. (Main Menu> Options > Account).
  2. Scroll down to the Manage my data section.
  3. Click on Reset data. 
  4. Review the warning and follow the instructions to reset your database.
  5. Next, select Reset.

You may need to wait for a bit before inFlow is ready, but you’ll also be notified by email, so feel free to step away from the computer during the reset process.

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