Wholesale software that keeps up

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inFlow keeps your wholesale price lists private and consistent

With multiple pricing schemes, a beautiful visual design, and built-in B2B portals, inFlow is the perfect wholesale distribution software to help you get ahead of the curve.

Make wholesale changes, fast

Cost changes can be time consuming when you offer hundreds of products with different price markups. inFlow has the tools to help you review pricing and make bulk changes across your entire product catalog.

Even better: if your vendors or suppliers send you cost spreadsheets, you can import those straight into inFlow. 

Bring order to large orders

It can be overwhelming to view orders with hundreds of items. inFlow helps you break down large orders visually, so you can easily see what’s been shipped and what’s been paid for. Smart filtering also helps you keep on top of orders that have slipped past their due date.

Improve your field sales

inFlow empowers your sales team to make laser-targeted offers to wholesale customers.

With just a few clicks, you can create B2B portals before customer meetings that display only the products that they care about—and the prices they’ll be getting.

As a small jewelry wholesaler, inFlow is vital to helping us enter and fulfill our sales orders. We have over 800 SKUs to keep track of and inFlow helps us keep tabs on all that inventory. The program is easy to set-up and use right from the start.

Anna S.
Snazzy Beads

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Batch pricing changes

Adjust pricing on any or all of your products at once. .

Ready for large orders

inFlow’s design helps you filter and make sense of big wholesale orders.

Catalogs in one click

Send customers a customized online catalog with their prices.