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How do I protect completed orders from being modified?

In inFlow Cloud, if you are an administrator, you can change the settings that control your non-administrative users’ rights to modifying old completed orders. These settings allow you to define if and which (how old) orders you would like to be automatically marked as Closed. In this case, an old order would get closed only if it has the Fulfilled status. Orders that are Unfulfilled would never get closed.

  1. Go to Main Menu > Options > Settings.
  2. While in the Company tab, look for the Close Old Orders section.
  3. Select the setting that you’d like for your company.

The settings are:

  • Do not close old orders
  • Only admins can modify orders older than __ days
  • Only admins can modify orders before _____ (date)

For example, if you have a 30 day cancellation / refund policy, then you can set it so that only administrators can modify orders which were completed more than 30 days ago. Or, if you would prefer to lock all orders before a certain date, then you can set that specific date instead of using the “older than __ days” setting.

You can also set it to “Do not close old orders” (default), which would mean that any order at any time can be modified by any user.

When an order is closed, the data in that order is locked (read-only) for all users. However, only administrators have access to the Edit button at the bottom of the order, which would open the order for edit access.

Which record types are affected by these settings and will get “closed”?

Although these settings only mention orders, all of the following record types are affected by the Close Old Orders settings:

  • Sales Order: would get closed only if Inventory Status = Fulfilled
  • Purchase Order: would get closed only if Inventory Status = Fulfilled
  • Stock Adjustment: would get closed only if Status = Completed
  • Stock Transfer: would get closed only if Status = Completed
  • Count Sheet: would get closed only if Status = Completed
  • Work Order: would get closed only if Status = Completed

Which date does inFlow use to determine whether an order should get “closed”?

This depends on the type of record. As an example, let’s say “Only admins can modify orders older than 30 days” is selected.

For a sales order, inFlow will check the Invoice Date; if it’s more than 30 days since and the order is marked Fulfilled, then that sales order will be closed. If Invoice Date is unavailable (if the order has not been invoiced), then inFlow will check the Order Date.

  • Sales Order: checks Invoice Date if available, otherwise Order Date
  • Purchase Order: checks Order Date
  • Stock Adjustment: checks Date
  • Stock Transfer: checks Date
  • Count Sheet: checks Finish Date
  • Work Order: checks Finish Date

Not sure where your Invoice Date / Order Date is in the sales order? Check out this article.

Yun Ling
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January 18, 2019

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