Sell your products on Amazon, Walmart or any retailer with a globally accepted UPC barcode

inFlow is an authorized partner to obtain UPC barcodes directly from GS1 US

$30 each. No renewal.

inFlow is a GS1 US Solution Partner

We're authorized to license UPC Barcodes directly from GS1 US

GS1 is the creator of UPC barcodes and GTINs globally

For over 15 years, inFlow has helped small businesses manage their inventory. One of the most common questions our customers ask is, “how can I generate barcodes for my products?”

To answer this, we've partnered with GS1 US to be able to offer GS1 US GTINs, a single UPC barcode, directly through our site*. With a UPC barcode from GS1 US there is just a one time cost of $30 and no renewal. It's that easy. And best of all, with GS1 US GTINs on your products you can list globally with any marketplace or retailer, including Amazon and Walmart.

Who is GS1 US?

GS1 US, best known as the administrator of the UPC barcode, is part of one of the largest identification and standards organizations in the world. GS1 helps companies uniquely identify products, locations, and other assets, and share information about them with trading partners and consumers in a consistent way.

inFlow has helped small businesses for over 15 years to manage their inventory.

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Why do you need a GS1 barcode?

Previously, you may have been able to buy a UPC barcode from a third-party barcode company. Now many retailers and marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart, require companies to get authentic identification numbers that specifically link a brand to the product being sold and will check UPC barcodes before listing items. Getting an authentic GS1 barcode from inFlow is the first step to selling your products everywhere.

$30 each. No renewal.
$30 each. No renewal.

What's the difference between a UPC barcode and a GTIN?

The UPC, or Universal Product Code, is the actual barcode symbol, or the lines and spaces. The GTIN is the identification number encoded into the barcode. A UPC barcode, together with a product's GTIN, makes it easy for businesses to track a product, work within retailer requirements for point-of-sale readiness, and manage inventory efficiently.

You need a GTIN number recognized by retailers in order to sell on their platforms and a UPC barcode to make it scannable at a retail location. We can help you with both!

Frequently asked questions

Why should I license a barcode from you?

inFlow is an official partner of GS1 US. You're actually licensing the GTIN from them, but we're making it easier for you by offering them directly. Getting them from inFlow means you'll get both a GTIN from GS1 US (a unique series of numbers associated with only your product) and a UPC barcode (the visual representation of the GTIN in a barcode format).

How much does a UPC barcode from GS1 US cost?

A one-time fee of $30 gives you a GS1 US GTIN, a UPC barcode that can be used to list your products on major retail platforms. This is the fee whether you get them through us, or directly from GS1 US.

How many barcodes do I need?

Every product you sell needs a unique barcode/GTIN. This includes every product variation (color, size, flavor, etc.).

How do you know your barcodes will work with Amazon, Walmart and other retailers?

Your barcodes will be unique and generated straight from GS1 US. As GS1 Standards are the most widely accepted across the world of commerce, leveraging those identifiers will help ensure that your business can get to market as quickly as possible.

Do these barcodes work worldwide?

Yes, UPC barcodes/GTINs obtained from GS1 US are globally accepted.