inFlow’s API

What is an API?

API’s act as the “front door” for applications to access data or functionality from your inFlow database. This can allow developers or people with knowledge of web development a way to access inFlow’s data from outside the program.

The inFlow Cloud API allows you to read and write data to your inFlow Cloud. Like most modern APIs, it’s organized around REST and JSON. This can open a whole world of possibilities of what you can do with that data. This could mean creating your own custom reports, or building something like your own integration with other software.


The documentation for the API can be found here:

How can I access the API?

To gain access to inFlow’s API you will need an active inFlow Cloud subscription, as well you will need to subscribe to the API add-on. You can do that from the subscription page found here:

Then, you can go to and generate an API key. To create a new API key click “Add new API key”, give it a name and once it’s created you’ll be given your API key to access to your inFlow Cloud account (until revoked), so please keep it safe! You will also need your ‘companyId’, an identifier for your inFlow Cloud account, which can be found on the integration page as well with your API keys.


If you have any questions on using the API or run into any issues, please email us at 

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