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Join 40,000+ businesses who trust inFlow for their orders and inventory.

One of Canada’s Fastest Growing Businesses (Globe and Mail, 2022 and 2023).

We’ve been helping small businesses around the world for over 16 years.

We believe there’s more than just one way to work

We offer software with a clear focus on inventory tracking, but with options to accommodate your unique workflow. Whether you dropship herbal teas, manufacture hi-tech counting machines, or make your own jewelry, we’ve got options to accommodate the way you work.

We believe simple and
powerful are not opposites

Software designed to handle thousands of products and transactions doesn’t have to look like a spreadsheet.
We’ve broken away from the status quo by designing software that’s easy for anyone to pick up, and with features that scale to your company size (whether that’s two people or two hundred).

We’re fully stocked with great talent

We’re proud to introduce you to our team! Each one of us is committed to helping you and your business succeed.

Abderrahmane Developer
Abishai Product
Adrianna Success
Ameris Developer
Andrew Developer
Anna Marketing
Anurag Sales
Ashley Developer
Beiqin Developer
Ben Developer
Bobbi Support
Adrianne HR
Cassandra Marketing
Christina Sales
Daniela QA
David QA
Devon Developer
Eliano Success
Emma Product
Eugene Developer
Farhan Marketing
Felix Sales
Hailey QA
He (Henry) Developer
Ian Sales
James Support
Jared Marketing
Joey Developer
Justin Support
Kat Sales
Katia Success
Kerisha Marketing
Kevin Sales
Khiry Success
Kostia Support
Laya Success
Louis Co-founder
Luuk Product
Mackenzie Sales
Marta Sales
Martin Sales
Matt Sales
Melinda Marketing
Mike Developer
Nada Marketing
Núrya Support
Phil Support
Pooja Success
Rithik Developer
Robert Success
Saurabh Sales
Shivani Product
Simon IT
Starr Success
Stephen Co-founder
Sunny Developer
Tanya Accounting
Tavis Product
Thane Sales
Thomas Marketing
Tyler Sales
Yun Product

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