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How do I cancel my inFlow Cloud account?

So you’re looking to cancel your inFlow subscription? Well, before you do, let’s chat about a few important things to make sure that’s the right option for you and your team!

Thinking of cancelling?

1) Are you utilizing inFlow to its full potential?

So the first question I would ask you before you consider canceling is are you utilizing all of inFlow’s features in your business?

inFlow offers an extremely user friendly interface to keep the technical mumbo jumbo to a minimum. We make sure to lay all your features out in an easy to read view so minimize the need of messing with the settings and even offer every account free training to start their experience off right!

Do your products have barcodes? To streamline your order fulfillment inFlow can help you barcode your products. You can create barcodes with inFlow, and also print out labels. Making picking and fulfillment easy.  

Do you sell to more than one ecommerce store? If so you can connect inFlow to CartRover for you to pull your stores sales into inFlow for you to manage your fulfillment. This takes away from double entry, and makes it easy to organize your sales from your stores all in one place.

Are you using our sales orders / invoicing feature for tracking sales? If you’re only making stock adjustments to decrease your stock then you’re not taking advantage of a major feature in inFlow.  Sales orders track the customers, products, invoices and the picking and fulfillment. These features aren’t able to be replaced with a spreadsheet.

Are you using our mobile app? When in the warehouse or meeting customers, the inFlow Cloud mobile app is perfect for on the go. Used for picking sales orders, purchase orders, transferring stock, and making stock adjustments. You can also use your device’s camera to add product images to your products. Anything added to the mobile app will sync to the inFlow Cloud Windows, and Web app too. 

Have you chatted with support? If you find you’re running into issues or are confused on how inFlow works, always remember we’re here to help! Every inFlow account has access to unlimited support to help you through those touch problems. Feel free to reach out through chat or email at any time.

If you want to explore any of the above options further please reach out to Support or you can start a chat in the lower right corner.

2) Do you need help making your inventory management more successful?

We often see that sometimes a workflow makes sense on paper, but in practice becomes a bit of a strain. Let us work to simplify your workflow and help you get the most out of inFlow!

Our dedicated trainers will help walk you through your current workflow to diagnose any pain points they see may come from the set up. Once they’ve investigated they are always happy to make suggestions for a more streamlined process.

If you need some additional training or workflow management, reach out to our support team to learn more!

3) You may not need all of inFlow’s bells and whistles

Maybe you love inFlow, but right now you don’t need all of the features we offer. That’s ok!

We are always available to help find a plan that suits your needs. InFlow offers a lower tiered plan at $99 USD per month. This will give you 2 Team Members, 100 Sales Orders, 1 Location and Unlimited Support. 

Of course, if this option isn’t a good fit for you, we do offer custom plans to make inFlow work for you. Simply get in touch with our team here.

4) You can pause your subscription

Why would you want to pause your inFlow subscription? Well, you’ve put a lot of time and effort into building your inventory. Importing, exporting, adding stock and generating reports, we wouldn’t want you to lose all your hard work!

If you think your situation is temporary and you’d rather hold on to all you’ve built, a pause option is probably right for you. 

Pausing allows you to hold onto all your data, your current pricing and maintain all that hard work you’ve put in. When you come on back all of your data will still be right there waiting for you.

Don’t be afraid to get in touch so we can help pause your account.

5) You can cancel your subscription

If you don’t think any of the options above will work for you, and you’re ready to cancel your account, you can go ahead and click the Cancel link. 

Here are the steps to make things easier for you:

This will stop your current billing cycle and prevent any further payments from being taken. All we ask is that you take some time to let us know what we could have done better or why you’ve decided to cancel so we can keep growing to our customer’s needs 🙂

To cancel your plan:

Log in to to manage your inFlow Cloud account. Once logged in click on your account email at the top right, then click Account.

You’ll now be redirected to the Account settings page. Click on the Update my subscription button.

Scroll past the plan options table, then click on Cancel subscription

A screen will pop up asking why you’d like to cancel. Make a selection then click the Continue button.

If there is anything the inFlow Community and Support team can help you with before cancelling please let us know, we’d be happy to help your team to better understand inFlow Cloud if more support is needed.

You will see a final message telling you when your plan will expire. Click the Continue button. Next, when prompted, click the Unsubscribe button.

From here you will see a cancellation confirmation. You and your team will have access to inFlow Cloud until the expiry date. Once your subscription expires you will lose access to inFlow Cloud. Should you need access to your database again you’ll have to re-subscribe.

Let’s recap:

  • Are you utilizing all of inFlow’s features?
  • Do you need any assistance in utilizing inFlow’s program?
  • Would you like to downgrade to a lower plan?
  • Is pausing your account a better option?
  • If you feel that none of the above options fit your needs and would like to fully cancel your subscription we totally understand and promise to make the experience quick and painless!
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  • 1) Are you utilizing inFlow to its full potential?
  • 2) Do you need help making your inventory management more successful?
  • 3) You may not need all of inFlow’s bells and whistles
  • 4) You can pause your subscription
  • 5) You can cancel your subscription
  • Let’s recap:
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