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How many inFlow users?

How many inFlow Cloud team members do I need?

Each team member on your inFlow Cloud account will have a unique login and password that they can use to access the inFlow Cloud database on any inFlow Cloud plan. All that’s needed is an internet connection.

Plans start with a minimum of two team members and more users can be added to your plan at a discounted rate. The team member who creates the inFlow account is the Administrator, and they can invite team members to the account.

Having multiple team members in inFlow is one of the best ways to stay efficient and keep track of all your day-to-day inventory movement. If you and your team need to work while on the go, you can also sign in to the inFlow Cloud companion Android and Web apps.

What are the benefits of adding team members?

Collaborative working environment

Having multiple people access the database to make changes allows your team to work quickly and efficiently and your inventory levels will always be up to date.

Personal team member settings

Each team member can each customize the default Sales Rep associated with their log in. So when they log in to inFlow Cloud and make new Sales Orders, their name would automatically get filled into the Sales Rep field. You can set that up under Main Menu > Options > Personal Settings (Personal if on the inFlow Cloud Web app.)

Location autofill

You can also attach a Location to a team member’s log in. If Sarah always works at Warehouse B, that can be her default location in inFlow. This way, by default she’ll always subtract inventory from Warehouse B when she does Sales Orders. This can save you time and spare the extra clicks it takes to set what locations your team members are working from.

Tracking changes

With multiple team members on your team you might be wondering how you’ll keep track of who’s made changes to the data. If each team member that uses inFlow Cloud has their own log in, then you’ll be able to see who has made a particular change by checking the version of orders/products or you can use the Team Member Tracking report to view changes made. For details take a look at this article.

Sending emails from their own email address

inFlow Cloud allows each team member to email from their own company email address. This allows Sales Reps to email invoices to clients, and follow up from their own inbox. See how to set up an email address to send invoices straight from inFlow here.

How can administrators manage team members in inFlow?

Restricting permissions

Having each employee as a team member on the account allows you to set up permissions that make sense for each team member’s role in your organization.

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