How can I view my data on inFlow Cloud?

First, you’ll need to have an inFlow Cloud account!  Sign up for an inFlow Cloud account to get started. Once you’ve gone through the setup process, you can access your data in three ways as long as you have a working internet connection: using the Windows app, mobile app, and any web browser.

inFlow Cloud for Windows inFlow Cloud for Web inFlow Cloud for Android inFlow Cloud for iOS
Create/edit vendor
Create/edit purchase order
Create/edit inventory
Current stock Shows current stock only
Adjust stock Product record only Non-serialized products only Non-serialized products only
Reorder stock
Create/edit work order
Create/edit Sales order
Create/edit Customer
Run reports
Manage users/rights Redirects to the web
Create/edit Showroom Redirects to the web

inFlow Cloud for Windows

This is where you can see the bulk of your data — products, customers, orders, etc! If you’re an inFlow Inventory user already, you’ll be familiar with this interface as it’s essentially the same look and functionality.

You can download the inFlow Cloud installer here.

inFlow Cloud for Web

You should have access to this automatically after signing up for inFlow Cloud (after choosing whether to Transfer data or to Create new data). If you’ve transferred data from an existing inFlow Inventory backup, you’ll find that you can view a list of your products + details. If you’ve created new data, you’ll have a blank list and a recommendation to install inFlow Cloud for Windows to input your data.

Currently, most of the core features available on windows are now also available on the web. Adding more features to the web is something we’re working on!! To learn more about editing information via inFlow Cloud for Web, click the corresponding feature below:

To manage your team members and account subscription. You can also log in to using any web browser. You can also access this page through the inFlow Cloud for Windows app by going to Main Menu > Options > Settings > Manage your account and team.

inFlow Cloud for Android / iOS

The inFlow Cloud mobile app is available on the Google Play store/Apple store. Once you’ve downloaded it, enter your inFlow Cloud email address + password to sign in.

Note: You won’t be able to log in if you don’t have a database created yet. You’ll need to go back to to finish the database creation if you’re having trouble logging in.

The mobile application allows you to adjust stock levels (either by scanning or manually adjusting), look up/edit customers, lookup/edit product details, check stock levels, and create/fulfill sales orders.

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