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inFlow settings
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How to upgrade your inFlow plan

inFlow offers a few plans and feature add-ons to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes. If your business has outgrown your current plan, you can upgrade anytime.

Upgrading your inFlow plan

  1. To get started, go to inFlow’s Account settings (Main Menu> Options > Select the Account tab.)
  2. Scroll past your Current plan, Billing history, and Manage my data section.
  3. Click Explore other plans or the table below to review the available plans. In this section, you can also change how often you are billed with the Monthly or Yearly toggle.
  4. Click on Subscribe now button on the plan you’d like to upgrade to.

When the Checkout page loads, review all the details to make sure you’ve picked the right plan.

The Payment Information area will charge the credit card that was last used on your account. You can process the payment with that card or click the Edit payment information button if you’d like to use a different credit card.

The total amount that will be charged today will be listed on the Pay button at the bottom of this page. Click on that to complete the changes.

Now you’re done! Your payment will be charged immediately, and you’ll have access to the features of your new plan. You’ll be billed at the new rate in the following month or year.

How to add plan add-ons to your inFlow plan

When your team has outgrown the plan you’re subscribed to, you have some options to customize the plan to meet the needs of your team. Admins can add add-ons at any time. See below for details.

  1. To get started, go to inFlow’s Account settings (Main Menu> Options > Select the Account tab.)
  2. Under the Billing Information you can find your plan details.
  3. Below, you’ll see the list of Add-ons. Toggle on any features that your team needs, then click on the Update button.
  4. Review the payment information, then click the Pay button.
  5. When your plan renews, it will include that new add-on feature.
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  • Upgrading your inFlow plan
  • How to add plan add-ons to your inFlow plan
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