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Does inFlow Cloud work on Mac or Linux computers?

The inFlow Cloud for web app has most of the major features for inFlow available right now.  You can see exactly what can be done on each platform from here.

Although most of the core features are accessible from inFlow Cloud for Web, there are some features that are still only available for the Windows app.  We’re working towards some more flexibility in inFlow Cloud so we can help you use inFlow wherever you are, and you can keep track of new releases/features from here.

For all of inFlow’s features, you’ll need to install the inFlow Cloud for Windows desktop application which only runs on Windows. If you aren’t running Windows, there are some ways to access that environment from other machines. Please keep in mind that this will require you to have a copy of Windows for use on your device.

Please note this feature isn’t supported by the inFlow team

For Mac OS

You may try using the Bootcamp tool included with Mac OS to boot into Windows from your computer. You might also consider Parallels to run a virtual copy of Windows from within Mac OS. In both cases, you can then install and run inFlow in the Windows environment. For a reference document on how to install Parallels 14 see here.

inFlow isn’t compatible Apple M1 chip-powered Mac (even with Parallels installed). A Intel based processor is needed to have inFlow Cloud for Windows work with Parallels.

For Linux

We suggest dual-booting Windows and Linux. You may also run a Windows Virtual Machine using software like VMWare. (We have not tested running inFlow using the Wine software on Linux.)

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