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How can I create products in inFlow Cloud?

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Products in inFlow Cloud are the different types of things you may buy, sell and track in your inventory.

To create a new product record from the Windows app, go to the Main Menu > Inventory > New Product, or just click on New Product on the Homepage.

You can also add products from the inFlow Cloud mobile app  and web app!

First give your item a name, or code. You can use your product’s actual name but it must be unique so you can also use a short code like “090822A” instead.

Basic product information

To enter the item’s name or code:

  1. Click into the Item Name/Code field at the top of the record.
  2. Enter your product name or code.
  3. *Select your item’s product type (stockable, non-stockable, serialized, or service)
  4. Click Save in the top toolbar.

Now you have a new product.

*NOTE: Product Type selection is mandatory and cannot be changed once saved, so it’s not possible to save a serialized item and change it to non-stocked/service/serialized after. Please see here for more info on product types.

Video tutorial

What else can I do in the product screen?

The product info screen has only two mandatory fields that we described above, but you can also input additional information if you like. You can:

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