Creating your product in inFlow Cloud

Not using inFlow Cloud?

Products in inFlow Cloud are the different types of things you may buy, sell and track in your inventory.

To create a new product record from the Windows app, go to the Main Menu > Inventory > New Product, or just click on New Product on the Homepage.

You can also add products from the inFlow Cloud mobile app!

First give your item a name, or code. You can use your product’s actual name but it must be unique so you can also use a short code like “090822A” instead.

Basic product information

To enter the item’s name or code:

  1. Click into the Item Name/Code field at the top of the record.
  2. Enter your product name or code.
  3. *Select your item’s product type (stockable, non-stockable, serialized, or service)
  4. Click Save in the top toolbar.

Now you have a new product.

*NOTE: Product Type selection is mandatory and cannot be changed once saved, so it’s not possible to save a serialized item and change it to non-stocked/service/serialized after. Please see here for more info on product types.

Video tutorial

What else can I do in the product screen?

The product info screen has only two mandatory fields that we described above, but you can also input additional information if you like. You can:

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