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Can I manage multiple companies in inFlow Cloud?

There are a couple of ways you can manage multiple companies in inFlow Cloud. The method you choose will depend on whether the companies share the same database or if their databases need to be kept separate. 


What’s an inFlow database? The data that you input into inFlow like products, customers, orders and other transactions get saved to tables (made up of rows and columns) in the backend. This collection of tables make up your database and you access the information stored there by using the different inFlow Cloud apps.

Let’s say you’ve got two companies, inFlow Optical and inFlow Shoes and you’d like to manage both using inFlow Cloud…

If the companies have independent databases

inFlow Optical and inFlow Shoes don’t share the same inventory. Sales, purchases, and other transactions for each company need to be kept separate. In this case, each company needs its own independent database.

Since each inFlow Cloud account is linked to one database, you’ll need to create an inFlow Cloud account for each company.

Can I use the same email to sign up for multiple inFlow Cloud accounts?

No, each email address can only be linked to one account. You’ll need to use a different email address for each inFlow Cloud account you create.

Consider using an email alias (if your email provider allows for it) if you’d like your Cloud emails to be sent to the same inbox!

If the companies have a shared database

inFlow Optical and inFlow Shoes don’t share the same inventory, but purchases, sales, and other transactions from both companies need to (or can be) be tracked together. You can keep track of their respective inventories by creating multiple locations in your database and track your stock across warehouses, stores and other inventory locations using one inFlow Cloud account. 

Keep in mind that each inFlow Cloud company account can only have one company name which will be printed on all documents (like purchase orders and invoices).  

To print purchase or sales order documents with information other than what’s saved in your company details, you can use a custom document instead.

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  • If the companies have independent databases
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