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Buy GS1 barcodes

Buy licensed barcodes from inFlow’s GS1 Barcode shop

inFlow GTIN Barcode Shop

We’ve teamed up with GS1 to be an official partner for GTIN barcodes!

With this partnership, it means you can buy UPC barcodes that will be recognized by retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. For more details, check out the GS1 Barcode Shop.

Why a GS1 barcode?

For more on why GS1 barcodes matter, take a look at the What is a GS1 Barcode blog.

Why GS1 Barcodes Are Important for Your Small Business


Take a look at the inFlow blog to lo learn more about what the difference is between GS1, GTIN, UPC barcodes, and more.

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  • Why a GS1 barcode?
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