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What scanner do I use?

inFlow for Android/iOS can be used to scan products in and out, create and pick sales orders as well, and create your products. 

We’re working on adding more functionality to the mobile app; in the meantime, you can also use a regular “plug and play” style barcode scanner with inFlow Cloud for Windows and Web.

inFlow works with a range of barcode scanners, including ones made by Motorola, Metrologic, Symbol, and other Manufacturers. As a general rule of thumb, most “plug and play” scanners should work fine (i.e. USB connector or USB wireless receiver, plug it in, installs itself).

You can check some out on here.

If you’re interested in a wireless scanner, we have tested a few models and have some setup tips and suggestions for wireless scanners.

Please note: inFlow does not work with batch / RFID scanners.


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