How do I import data to inFlow Cloud?

You can import data to inFlow Cloud, but first you’ll need a file! The file should be a .csv file (spreadsheet). You can take a look at the example files at the bottom of this article to see how it might look like. If you want to format your own spreadsheet for importing, please see the following for how to do so:

It’s not possible to have one file containing all of the above at a time, so depending on what type of data you’re looking to import, please select the corresponding article for further detail.


If you have your import file ready to go, read on ahead for how to import.

To import:

  1. Click Main Menu  > General > Import Data.
  2. Select the data type at the top of the screen.
  3. Click the Browse button to select the file you’d like to import then click Next.
  4. In this screen match the inFlow field name to the right column in your file by selecting it from the drop down list (see screenshot below).
  5. Once you’re satisfied with your matches, click Next.


inFlow will import your the data from your file and let you know what has been updated!

Other resources

Here are some example files available for download if you’d like to use a template or try an import yourself:

Having trouble importing? Try the steps in our troubleshooting importing problems article.

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