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How can I quickly deactivate multiple products?

Looking to clean up products that are no longer stocked? Changing vendors and need to archive a whole brand? inFlow can’t update more than one item at a time but here’s a little trick you can use to deactivate many items at once.

First you’ll need to select which items you want deactivate, then export them to Excel.

To Export a selection of data:

  1. Go into the Main Menu > Inventory > Product List to pull up a list of all your products
  2. Use the Search Filters in the top right corner to Narrow down your List to the Products you want to deactivate
  3. Right-click on the header of the table.
  4. Choose Export contents to CSV

To Deactivate the section of data:

Now that you’ve exported the selection you need as a CSV file it’s time to make the changes in excel. Editing multiple lines at once will allow you to re-import the edited file and change all of the products in question in one action.

  1. Open up the .csv file you created above.
  2. Choose the first Blank Column on the right hand side and in the first row write in “IsActive”
  3. For each product you want to deactivate, add “FALSE” to the ‘IsActive’ column.
  4. Click Save As > select file type “CSV – Comma Delimited” at the bottom of the window.

Import your new file into inFlow!

  1. Click Main Menu  > General > Import Data.
  2. Select Product Details as the data type from the Menu
  3. Click the Browse button and choose the file you created above.
  4. In this screen match the inFlow field name on the left, to the correct column in your file by choosing it from the drop down list (see screenshot below).
  5. Match up the IsActive import field to your newly made column in excel.

inFlow will import your the data from the csv file and update the products that have changed. Once the import is done a window will pop up showing that it was successful and say how many lines were updated.

That’s it! Now that these products are deactivated they won’t appear in searches in inFlow. If you ever need to find them again for any reason follow the steps here to do so!

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Thank you for your input, your feedback is important to us.