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What is inFlow Rewards?

If you’re the main administrator for an inFlow account, you’re eligible for the inFlow Rewards program! Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will be in touch to guide you through the program, keep you motivated, and help you enjoy your rewards.

What’s the gist of inFlow rewards?

The more you use inFlow, the faster you’ll manage your orders and inventory and the more rewards you’ll earn. This reward program is here to celebrate the work you’ve put into getting organized. 

As you use inFlow, you’ll naturally complete tasks that contribute to your overall success. These tasks could range from completing onboarding and joining webinars to just signing in!

Every task you complete brings you one step closer to unlocking great rewards.

About the rewards

We’ve partnered with BHN (formerly Rybbon) to curate a range of gift cards to your favorite shops, entertainment services, and restaurants. And you’ll be able to claim a gift card in virtually any country around the world. 

At higher tiers, you’ll also become eligible for great discounts on inFlow and inFlow services. 

Where can you find your rewards?

You don’t have to look for the rewards because your CSM will email you about them directly.

You’ll get quarterly updates on your achievements, keeping you informed about your progress and delivering your rewards! And every business that passes our first tier will receive a reward on their inFlow Anniversary (the day your paid subscription started).

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