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inFlow Cloud Reports

What reports are included in inFlow Cloud?

Reporting is an important way to view large amounts of information from inFlow. Take a look at the below categories for a description of all of the reports available.

Please note: select reports are only available for select plans or add-ons.


Sales reports

Sales by Product Summary
A list of products showing a summary of how much has been sold and purchased.

Sales by Product Details
A report which breaks down the products and sales orders to show you how well a product has been selling.

Abandoned Showroom Carts
This report is included with the Showroom Pro plan add-on. This report shows which of your showroom customers have added products to their cart but didn’t make a purchase.

Sales Order Summary
Shows a summary of financial information for a number of sales orders.

Sales Order Profit Report
A list of Sales Orders with the estimated profit of each.

Sales Returns
A report to help track all refunded and discarded products from your sales orders.

Sales Order Operational Report
A list of Sales Orders with their statuses and requested ship dates.

Sales Tax Report
Shows the total amount of Sales Tax that you have collected from customers.

Customer Payment Summary
A list of your customers along with their overall balance and last order date.

Customer Payments by Order
List of sales orders with payment information.

Customer Payment Details
A breakdown of all customer payments including refunds

Customer Order History
The detailed contents of the orders that your customers have made in the past.

Product Customer Report
Shows you all the customers that have ordered a product.

Back Order Report
Shows you the remaining products that you need to ship out to satisfy your customers’ orders.

Sales Representative Report
Shows you the Sales Orders that each sales representative was responsible for.

Customer List
Shows you your customers and their information. This report can be organized to select customers from a certain region or using various other criteria.


Purchasing reports

Purchase Order Summary
Shows a summary of a number of Purchase Orders.

Purchase Order Details
Shows you the items you’ve purchased from vendors.

Purchase Order Status
Shows the Purchase Orders from vendors for different products

Vendor Payment Details
A breakdown of all vendor payments including refunds

Purchasing Tax Report
Shows the total amount of Sales Tax that you have paid to vendors.

Vendor Product List
A list of products with their related info from Vendors.

Vendor List
Shows you your vendors and their information. This report can be organized to select vendors from a certain region or using various other criteria.


Inventory reports

Inventory Summary
Shows the overall total quantities and values of current inventory levels per product by location.

Inventory Details Report
A detailed list of current inventory levels and values including the quantity per location.

Inventory Aging
A list of your current stock levels as well as the length of time that the items have been in inventory.

Inventory by Location
Shows the total amount of each product in a location (adding up over sublocations)

Historical Inventory Summary
Shows you the Inventory level and cost information as it was on a selected date.

Historical Inventory Details
Shows you the Inventory level and cost information as it was on a selected date by inventory location.

Inventory Movement Summary
Shows the amount of stock that has moved in and out of each location over time.

Inventory Movement Details
Shows a full log of how the inventory has been moved around. This report can be filtered by movement type (stock adjustment, returns, etc).

Estimated Inventory Duration
Estimates how long your current inventory stock will last based on how fast each product has been selling or used in a work order recently.

Stock Reordering Report
Shows total quantities of stock available along with reordering information per location. This can also be adjusted to show you only stock that needs to be reordered (low stock).

Recommended Reorder Point
Recommended reorder point, based on historical sales/work order usage and estimated safety stock, per location.

Product Price List
A list of products along with their prices. If you’ve created multiple pricing schemes you can set which pricing you’d like to generate the report for.

Count Sheet Report
This report will pull a list of count sheets that you have completed with various details (adjustment loss, etc).

Product Cost Report
Shows you the costs at which you purchase products and an average cost depending on your costing method.

Work Order Materials
Shows the raw materials and costs involved in your manufacturing work orders.

Work Order Finished Products
Shows the finished products that have come out of your manufacturing work orders.

Stock Transfer Report
Shows the items and the cost values of each stock transfer.



Team Member Tracking Report
Allows you to track changes made by inFlow team members. For more details take a look at this article.

My Reports

My Reports

In inFlow Cloud for Windows, you can save reports under My Reports for quick reference without changing the filters /settings each time.

These are user-specific only. Reports saved under My Reports will only be available on the user login that created them.

To add a report to My Reports:

  1. Open up a standard report.
  2. Click the >>More link.
  3. Click the Add to My Reports button.

To view My Reports, click My Reports at the bottom under All Reports. Move the mouse pointer over each report to preview it.

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