I’m trying to import my data to inFlow Cloud but nothing is happening, help!

Not using inFlow Cloud?

If you’re trying to import your data and clicking the Import button does nothing, please try the following:

  1. Open your local services window following the instructions below based on your operating system:WINDOWS XP: Click Start > Run> and then type in ‘services.msc’
    WINDOWS 7/ VISTA/ 8/ 10: Click Start (or hit your Windows key on your keyboard), type in ‘services’ (or Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Services)
  2. Scroll down this screen until you see a service named “Distributed Transaction Coordinator”.
  3. Right-click this and select “Start”.
  4. If the “Start”/ “Restart” options are unavailable to you, it could be the service was disabled entirely. Right-click and select “Properties”, then set its startup type to “Automatic”. You should be able to start the service now.
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