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New team member error

I’m getting an error when inviting a team member to inFlow Cloud!

Adding more team members to your inFlow account is a great way for everyone on your team to get access to the latest inventory information. But if you’ve gotten an error, see below for how you can fix this.


What caused the error?

If you’ve tried to add a team member and got the error, “You cannot invite that user because they belong to another company,” don’t panic. The error means that this person’s email address has already been used to create an inFlow account (maybe they previously had a trial).

If the person you’re inviting to work on your team has let their inFlow trial expire then please have them email inFlow support from the email address they used asking to have their email address freed up, so that they can join your account.

If they have an active inFlow Cloud trial

If your colleague has an active inFlow Cloud trial, they can make this change for themselves. To do so, have them follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click on Main Menu> Options.
  3. On the Personal tab, click on the tile with the username and email address listed.
  4. Add “+remove” to the email address field, then click Save.  (For example, if the email was, change it to
  5. Their email address will now be available to be added to your main inFlow account.

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In this tab
  • What caused the error?
  • If they have an active inFlow Cloud trial
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