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VAT/tax inclusive pricing

How to set up tax/VAT inclusive pricing in inFlow

For countries where prices include tax, this requires a little extra setup in inFlow than the usual setting up of your taxes.

Making changes to pricing schemes

The tax-inclusive setting is applied to the Pricing Scheme, so you’ll have to go to the product page to set this up.

To make a pricing scheme tax-inclusive, you can select Add New on the product page under Cost and Price.


Check off any pricing schemes that you’d like to use tax-inclusive pricing. For example, it’s possible to have different pricing schemes based on different locations around the world (e.g., US and UK), and only some of those use tax-included pricing :


Click Save & Close. inFlow will now show a yellow icon beside any pricing schemes using tax-inclusive pricing:


When you create a sales order, you’d then choose what taxing scheme to apply, and what pricing scheme to apply.

Since prices include tax already, when you choose the taxing scheme, inFlow will calculate and display the subtotal before tax and the amount of tax on the order.


You can also save a specific taxing scheme and pricing scheme to a customer record. This will save you the trouble of having to select it every time if certain customers always require the same settings.

Vendor pricing settings

Do your vendors’ prices also include tax? Here’s how to indicate that your vendor prices are tax-inclusive as well.

From the vendor record, check Price Includes Taxes.


You’ll also want to select the Taxing Scheme that is included with the prices. This way, inFlow will show the total tax at the bottom of the order:

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