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How do I control which location my stock is sold from in inFlow Cloud?

Please note this is only available on select plans or add-ons.

Handling multiple locations in inFlow Cloud? It’s understandable that you’d want to choose where you’re selling your stock from. By default, if you don’t actively choose the location, the Location field will automatically choose your customer default location. You can control this in the sales order however: either by specifying a sales order’s location, or the item’s location in the Fulfill tab of the sales order.

If you delete the Location on the order, inFlow will use the picking options locations set in your web settings.

However, sometimes you may run into an issue where you don’t have enough stock in the location to fulfill your order. This is indicated by an exclamation mark beside your product’s quantity.

Note that even if you have enough stock on hand in total across all locations, that exclamation mark applies specifically to a single location only. The above screenshot shows that there’s not enough stock in the location specified Default Location.

Removing stock from multiple locations in the same order

To get inFlow to use a combination of locations, click the Fulfill tab (or Pick tab if you’re in shipping mode). Click Auto Fill and click on the Location for that product. It will show you a dropdown of each location you have and the quantities for that product.

Decide which location you want to fill the remainder of and add it as a new line. You will have to adjust the quantity for the first location as well.

Alternatively, instead of having the order show two different locations on the Fulfill tab / Pick list, you can do a stock transfer to transfer the product from other locations to the location on the sales order. When you’ve received the products in the stock transfer, only then you would go to the order and fulfill the sale.

This information applies to the purchasing side as well, on the Receive tab (instead of a Fulfill tab).

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Thank you for your input, your feedback is important to us.