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How do I import reorder settings into inFlow?

This article is for reorder settings and reorder quantities only. We recommend setting up your product details first, before attempting to import reorder settings.

Start with a spreadsheet with the following required fields: Product, Location, DefaultSublocation, EnableReordering, ReorderPoint, ReorderQuantity, ReorderMethod, Vendor, and FromLocation. Unlike the product details import file, you may repeat the product (product name/code) multiple times to specify different location reorder settings. Here’s an example:

The Product A item is repeated two times, for two different locations (Main Warehouse and Retail Store). 

Product (product name) and Location should match exactly as you have it in inFlow Cloud, otherwise the import will not be able to detect a product record or location to update the values. It will just create a new product record / location /vendor with the new name in this case.

Saving as .csv file from Excel

Before you import, make sure your file is saved as a CSV. To do so:

  1. Choose File > Save As from the drop down menu.
  2.  At the bottom of this window you’ll see a field named Save as Type, choose CSV (comma delimited) from the drop down.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Excel will warn you about the loss of formatting, this is not a problem, please click Yes to complete your save.

Import options

First, go to  Main Menu > General > Import Data and select Reorder Settings.

Make sure the fields are mapped correctly before proceeding to ensure all fields have been chosen the way you want it to show up in the program.

Click the Import button and check your products reorder settings!

You can have a look at the sample inventory levels import file and try importing it yourself if you like. (remove the explanation text before trying to import)

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Thank you for your input, your feedback is important to us.

Thank you for your input, your feedback is important to us.