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Adding attachments

How to add attachments (products, customers, vendors, orders)

You can add attachments to much of the data held in inFlow Cloud. For instance, if you wanted to attach a warranty to a particular order or certificates or tax breaks to a customer record.

Please note this feature is only available on inFlow Cloud for Windows.


Adding attachments in a record

  1. Open the record you want to add an attachment for.
  2. Click Attachment in the top toolbar.
  3. Click Add New in the resulting window.
  4. Choose the file you want to attach and then click Open.
  5. Click Save in the attachment window and again in the top toolbar.
Attachment screen

To re-open the attachment

  1. Navigate to the order, product, or record that you wish to address.
  2. Click Attachment in the top toolbar.
  3. Click the name of the file you wish to open.
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1 Comment

  1. Dave

    I know how to do an attachment, the software isn’t accepting it. just sits there saying “uploading” forever


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  • Adding attachments in a record
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