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How to print customer/vendor statements (invoices, payments, and balances)

With inFlow, you can effortlessly keep track of outstanding balances by using customer/vendor statements.

This feature is only available on inFlow Cloud for Windows.


What information is on the Customer/vendor statement?

For the moment, we will be using the Customer record as an example. From the Customer record, you can click on the Payment History tab to view:

  • Invoiced orders (uninvoiced orders will not show up unless they have been partially paid)
  • payments
  • refunds
  • customer credits
  • payment aging information (the total amount currently due, overdue by 1-30 days, overdue by 31-60 days, and overdue by 61+ days)

How to view & print statements

On a customer or vendor record, you can set the Start Date field at the top of the Payment History tab. Any entries prior to this date will not be shown; instead, another entry showing Balance Forward will show the amount due as of the start date.

The start date can be set to any date, but we also have a setting named Since Last Statement, which will show the new entries since you last sent a statement to the customer. This date will automatically be updated each time you Print, Save As, or Email a customer statement.

Customer Statement

You can also get the customer statement in a form ready to be sent to your customer by clicking the Print or Email buttons in the toolbar at the top. The Start Date can be changed from the print/email window as well.

Print Customer Statement

Multiple currency customer statements

In the unlikely event that you have transactions in multiple currencies with an individual customer, you will receive separate statements for each currency, and a drop-down menu to select the currency will appear on the Payment History tab.

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  • What information is on the Customer/vendor statement?
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