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inFlow Cloud error: “Manufacture order components cannot go into negative inventory” despite having enough stock

It’s not possible to build an item out of components if the result is that the components go into negative inventory. If you’re getting this error message, please check the following:


Check your quantity on hand

Go to the component’s product record (Main Menu > Inventory > Product List > search your product and double click) and check the Quantity on Hand there. If you don’t have enough to create your item as specified on the Work Order, you’ll need to add more/ order more.

Check location quantity

Check that there is enough stock of your components in the same location used on the work order.

Check the purchase order and work order dates

As inFlow Cloud pays very close attention to the quantities on the dates you’ve set, you’ll need to be careful — if you’ve set it so that your components were received on September 10th, for example, but the work order has a “Finished Date” of September 9th, this would be a problem because the quantity on hand for September 9th would not have been enough to finish the work order.

To fix this, simply change the Finished Date on the work order (top right) to today or a future date.

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In this tab
  • Check your quantity on hand
  • Check location quantity
  • Check the purchase order and work order dates
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