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Error printing documents

Error printing/loading documents or reports in inFlow

If you’re having problems saving or printing your documents in inFlow Cloud, or if you’re getting an error that says “There’s not enough space to show all the columns you’ve suggested…”, “Error loading document” or “Error loading report” when you try to load or print documents and reports, please try the steps below.

Check printer settings

inFlow Cloud doesn’t have its own printer setup/ printer settings. It just uses your computer’s default printer to generate and print documents. This means that if your default printer is set to a small receipt/ thermal printer, or if the paper size has been changed to something smaller, it’s not going to be able to generate a full-sized document or report. You’ll need to switch it back.

To check and correct printer settings:

  1. Click Start > Control Panel > Devices and Printers. You should see a list of your printers and other devices.
  2. Check to see which printer is selected as the default. This is usually marked by a green checkmark beside the printer.
  3. If the wrong printer (POS / thermal receipt) is set up as the default, right click on the full-sized printer and choose “Set as default printer”.

Note also that inFlow is not compatible with dot matrix printers so if you’re using one, please try an ink or laser printer instead.

I’ve changed the default printer before, but this keeps happening.

If this problem is occurring frequently, it could be that you are using Windows 10. In Windows 10 there is a setting that sets your default printer to the last printer used. This could be why Windows keeps changing the default printer for you to an incompatible printer, causing issues with inFlow.

To change the default printer settings in Windows 10:

  1. Click Start, and click the gear icon on the Start window to open the Settings app.
  2. In the Settings screen, click Devices > Printers and Scanners.
  3. Scroll down to the option named “Let Windows manage my default printer”. Turn this off!

Now you should be able to switch between your other printers without it affecting inFlow.

Reinstall Crystal Reports

If your printer settings are correct, then it could be an issue with inFlow’s document generation and printing component, Crystal Reports. You can try reinstalling Crystal Reports to fix this error.

To uninstall and reinstall Crystal Reports: 

  1. Click Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a Program/Programs and Features. If you don’t see SAP Crystal Reports in your list of programs, it might not be installed and may be causing the issue, move on to the next step to install it.
  2. From the above screen, go back to the main Control Panel and click System and Security > System.
  3. In the System screen, check your computer’s System Type. It should show “32-bit Operating System” or “64-bit Operating System”.
  4. Download the Crystal Reports installer file based on your operating system:
  5. Restart inFlow and try generating or printing your document again.

Are you trying to print a lot of documents?

Trying to generate and print 75 or more documents at once can cause an error.

For example: if you have 75 or more boxes on a sales order and you try to print box content lists for the order, the print preview will fail to load properly for all boxes.

To fix this problem you should split the sales order into two smaller orders that have less than 75 boxes on each of them. You can rename the order numbers to show that the two orders are part of the same overall order.

e.g. SO-000001-A and SO-000001-B

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  • Check printer settings
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  • Are you trying to print a lot of documents?
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