asset tracking software

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inFlow helps you keep track of your business assets from any device

Keep an eye on your equipment and supplies with a quick click, tap, or scan. 

Always know who has what

Whether it’s a fleet of smartphones in employee pockets or equipment being loaded onto a truck for a job site, things will get lost if you don’t have good records of your assets.

inFlow makes it effortless to see when and where your equipment has been assigned — whether it’s a laptop being given to a new employee, or where one of your wireless barcode scanners was used.

Asset tracking shouldn’t be difficult

Half of the trouble with creating good records is getting a team to create them in the first place. inFlow Cloud makes asset tracking easy regardless of whether you’re using Windows, Mac, Android or iPhone.

When it’s easy to sign equipment out, your team is far more likely to do it.


How to get started with asset tracking

Not sure about where to begin? We’ve written an article on why you’ll want to start, and how we use inFlow to track our own company hardware.

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Try inFlow for free!No credit card required. Sign up now!

See what went where

inFlow records locations, quantities, and the user who moved a product.

Check out on any device

Use the office Mac, the warehouse PC, or your own smartphone.