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Recording emails

How can I keep a record of emails I send with inFlow?

We recommend using the new email settings, which make it easier to keep a record of emails you send through inFlow.

Default email settings

inFlow Cloud’s new email settings use a cloud server to send emails to you. If you’d like a copy of all the email you send with inFlow Cloud to be sent to you, you can add your email address to the list of default Cc or Bcc addresses in your email settings.

Legacy email settings

inFlow legacy email settings use your email provider’s mail server to send emails to you. If you’re noticing that the emails you’re sending from inFlow don’t sync into your “sent” folder, your email account is probably set as a POP3 account. When your email account is configured as a POP3 account, only the items in the Inbox folder of your webmail account will be synced with the server (where your emails are stored).

To change this behaviour so you can see the sent emails from inFlow in your sent folder, you’ll have to switch to an IMAP account. An IMAP account does a complete sync between your email client and the server, so your emails sent from inFlow will be synced. There are different instructions for how to switch from POP3 to IMAP, but please consult with your email service provider or try taking a look here.

If you cannot or do not wish to switch from POP3 to IMAP, another workaround is to BCC yourself when you send an email from inFlow so you can see it in your inbox.

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  • Default email settings
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