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Keyboard shortcuts

Does inFlow Cloud have keyboard shortcuts?

Yes, inFlow Cloud has some shortcuts to help you accomplish your tasks more quickly. As usual, tabbing will allow you to jump between fields and the arrow keys will allow you to navigate within tables. However, the following shortcuts are designed for things like jumping between tabs and performing functions.


System-level shortcuts

The following helps with general navigation around inFlow like opening a new tab or cycling between tabs.



Ctrl + TOpen new top level tab.
Ctrl + Tab Move to next top level tab (to the right)
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Move to previous top level tab (to the left)
Ctrl + W OR Ctrl + F4Close currently selected tab
Ctrl 12, etc.Move to first tab, second tab, etc.
Alt ← or Move between sub-tabs (e.g., Pick to Ship)


Record-level shortcuts

These shortcuts are useful for major functions within the records like saving, creating a new record, etc.


Ctrl + N Create a new record.
Ctrl + SSave the current record.
Ctrl + PPrint/Preview/Export documents related to this record (or order).
Ctrl + EEmail documents related to this record (or order).
Ctrl + DOpens the copy drop down on the record (or order).
Ctrl + IDeactivate/Reactivate this record (product, vendor, or customer), or Cancel/Re-open this order.
Ctrl + MAdd an attachment.
Ctrl + ↑ OR Ctrl + ↓Scroll up and down through records.
Ctrl + ↑ OR Ctrl + ↓Scroll up and down through records.


Some other time-savers

Here are some small choices within different parts of the software which will help your efficiency with using inFlow.

Right-click on cells (quantity, location, unit price, discount)This will give you the option to “Fill Down”. “Fill Down” will input every cell in the column with the same data in the current cell.

This is useful if all the items in your table are going to be the same discount, for example, and you don’t want to input it one by one.

Right-click on “Refresh” Clears out all your search filters at once and lets you start over.

This is available in listing views and in the item selection dropdown on the order.

Right-click on headers in listing viewGives you the option to Export Contents to CSV, and creates a .csv file for you.

This is available in most tables, e.g. Bill of Materials or Purchase Order List.

Right-click on headers in listing viewGives you the option of exporting specific orders from the system (i.e. details such as what’s on the order). This can be used to send recent transactions to other programs for invoicing etc.

This is available only on Sales Order and Purchase Order listing views.


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