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Can I track products with serial numbers using inFlow Cloud?

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Note: This feature is only available on the inFlow Cloud advanced & enterprise plan

Yes! If you’re using the Advanced plan in inFlow Cloud,  you can create a product as a serialized item type. You can generate serials for items of this type or simply enter them yourself, whichever you choose.

NOTE: A product’s type is permanent once saved so it’s important to set up your product and choose to make it “serialized” before you start receiving stock.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to:

Creating your serialized product:

  1. Create a new product via Main Menu > Inventory > New Product.
  2. Enter the name (or part number) in Item Name/Code field.
  3. Select “Serialized Product” from the Type dropdown.
  4. Click Save.

Now you can move on to purchasing, selling, or tracking your serialized item.

Purchasing your serialized product

Purchasing serialized products is just like other stocked products with one exception, you’ll want to enter–or have inFlow create–serial numbers.

Purchasing serialized items

To purchase/receive a serialized product:

  1. In a purchase order, choose your product.
  2. Click into the Quantity field to enter the quantity you will be buying.
  3. If you click the quantity box you’ll see a dropdown with a number of boxes corresponding to the quantity you typed in. Here’s where you can either:
    a) Enter your serial numbers manually; or
    b) Let inFlow generate them for you.
  4. If you’re going to have inFlow generate your serials: Click the link to Generate Serials where you can specify a Prefix, Next Number, and Suffix for your serial numbers right from this window.
  5. Complete your purchase order as usual to update your inventory.

You’ll notice that once selected, your serialized item has three dots in its Quantity field. If the dots are colored grey, your serials have not been entered and you’ll need to follow the steps above. Otherwise, the dots will be colored black, indicating that the serials have been entered.

Selling your serialized product 

Selling serialized products is just like other stocked products with one exception; you’ll want to enter the serial numbers for the items you’re selling.


To sell/ship a serialized product:

  1. In your sales order, choose your serialized item (you’ll see the three dots appear in the Quantity field)
  2. Click into the Quantity field to enter the number of serialized units you’ll be selling.
  3. Next you will have to select the serial number for each unit. To do so either
    a) Click into the box that pops up and start typing in your serial number(s); or
    b) Click into the box and begin scanning your serial number (s).
  4. Complete your sales order to update your inventory.

Tracking serials

From the Movement History tab:

Because each serial can have its own movement, we’ve included a Serial filter in the Movement History tab of a product record so you can easily track its movement. You can get to this screen from the Product Record > Movement History tab. Enter in the serial number you want to track in the Serial field and click Refresh.

From the Movement History screen:

You can also track your serial in the Movement History screen. You can get to this screen by going to the Main Menu > Inventory > Movement History.

Click Show serial numbers to display and filter for the movement of specific serial numbers.

From the Current Stock screen:

The Current Stock screen can quickly show you what you have in stock and you can further breakdown serialized products by serial number. You can get to this screen by going to the Main Menu > Inventory > Current Stock.

Click Show serial numbers to display and filter your quantity on hand by serial number.

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