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Building subassemblies in a work order

Note: This feature is only available on select plans or add-ons.

Do you make your products out of items you’ve assembled ahead of time? We call those items “subassemblies” and if you don’t have enough of them in stock to make your final product, there’s no need to create a separate work order to build them first. Instead, you’ll see those items displayed with their own components listed in a work order for the finished product. You can also split a subassembly into it’s own work order!

If you haven’t set up your bill of materials or created a work order before, read this article first to learn how.

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Adding subassemblies to your bill of materials

When setting up the bill of materials (BOM) for your finished product, inFlow will calculate your product’s cost based on the cost of its components.

If your subassembly is showing a cost of $0 in the BOM, it means that there is no cost associated with it in its product record. You can manually update the cost yourself, or build the subassembly first to have inFlow calculate the cost for you.

The cost of your finished product will be updated by inFlow in the product record only after a work order has been completed.

If you don’t have enough stock of your subassembly

If you don’t have enough of the subassembly available, inFlow will ask you to build this subassembly in the work order for your finished product. You can also choose to split the subassembly into it’s own work order so that you can build the subassembly separately. 

Have inFlow build the subassembly in the same work order: 

Instead of just seeing your subassembly listed, you’ll see its components listed too (as in the image below).

In the example above, Pencil is a subassembly of Box of Pencils (12 pack), which itself is a subassembly of the finished product, School Kit.

There aren’t enough Pencils to fulfill the work order, but since it has its own bill of materials, inFlow will list its components (Eraser, Lead, Barrel) as part of the larger work order for the finished product, Box of Pencils (12 pack).

When you click “Complete Order”, inFlow will update the quantities of the items used in your work order. In this case, it would reduce the quantities of Eraser, Lead, Barrel, and Pencil Case and increase the amount of your finished product, School Kit. Notice that since the subassemblies are used right away for your finished product their individual quantity on hand stays the same.

*Note: inFlow will not complete your work order if you do not have enough components in stock. Right-click on the red exclamation marks (not enough stock icons) and click Create Purchase Order to quickly generate a purchase order for your items.

Split the subassembly into it’s own work order:

If you don’t have enough of your subassembly, instead of inFlow building it out in the same work order as the finished product, you can split the subassembly into it’s own work order and build it there.

Right-click on the subassembly and select Split into new Work Order. inFlow will create a new, separate work order for this subassembly.

When this work order is marked as complete, the parent work order will no longer show the expanded view of components for that subassembly since you now have enough of it in stock!

Tip: The Order # will automatically be set to match the parent work order to easily track which work order the subassembly was split from.

Video tutorial

Lesson 12: Work Orders | inFlow On-Premise

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Thank you for your input, your feedback is important to us.