How do I charge my customer in a different currency?

Pricing schemes in inFlow Cloud are currency-specific. Your default pricing schemes will be in your home currency, but if you wanted to charge your customer in another currency, it’s easily done by choosing the correct scheme in the Pricing/Currency section at the bottom left of your order. If you don’t have a pricing scheme for that currency yet, you can create one from the sales order screen directly.




To add a currency/pricing scheme:

  1. Click the drop down beside Pricing/Currency.
  2. Choose Add New Pricing Scheme from the list.
  3. Within the resulting window, you can add another pricing scheme and select the correct currency.
  4. Click Save & Close.
  5. If it is not already included, enter the conversion ratio from this currency to your home currency.
  6. Re-select your scheme to convert your prices.


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