How can I pick, pack and ship items on my Sales Order?


inFlow can help you track the progress of an order you’re fulfilling. It can even let you know what you’ve taken off the shelf and what still needs to be picked before it’s ready to pack and ship!

Picking Items

There are two main ways to track picking in inFlow:

Picking the items and tracking in inFlow

To pick the items your customer has ordered :

  1. Go to your sales order via Main Menu > Sales > Sales Order List
  2. Once open, click the Pick tab
  3. Click the Auto Fill button – this will automatically add all items from the sales order into the Pick tab
  4. Click Save, to reserve the items in the pick tab (preventing other pickers from trying to pick the same stock)
  5. Print a pick list by clicking the Print button in the top bar, then choosing the Pick List document from the list on the left
  6. Go to your storage/warehouse and physically pick all of the items on the Pick List
  7. If you weren’t able to pick all of the items on the pick list, go back to inFlow and correct the picked quantities in the Pick tab and press Save
  8. Finally, give the picked items list to your shipping person

NOTE: If you’ve named your sublocations for optimized picking, your items will be listed in an optimized picking order when you use the Auto Fill button. 

Picking your products manually

You are also able to enter your own items and quantities into the Pick tab by putting your cursor into the line item and entering the information manually.

Shipping Items

NOTE: Shipping must be enabled to unlock this feature.To unlock shipping press the Add Shipping button at the top right hand corner of a sales order.

Once the items on your order have been picked, you’re ready to ship them out!  It’s a good idea to have a separate person pack the items, since this allows you to easily double check that the items picked are correct.

To ship the items on your order:

  1. In inFlow, open the Ship tab, and place the cursor in the Item column on the first blank line.
  2. Begin packing the picked items.  As you pack each item, scan its barcode into the Item column of the Ship tab. If you don’t have a scanner, you can manually enter the item’s name and quantity.

! Pro tip: Do not seal the parcels yet, as you may need to check the order again before it’s labelled and shipped out!

3. Once you’ve finished entering or scanning in each item and packing them, check the packing progress indicator. This should show 100%, which means all picked items were scanned and packed. If it doesn’t show 100%, you can click on the progress indicator to show a list of discrepancies.

4. Once you’ve sorted out any discrepancies, you can save the order in inFlow, seal and label your parcels, and send them to your customer!

Maintaining pick and ship accuracy

inFlow has some features that will help you ensure you’re picking and packing/shipping accurately.

Progress Trackers: Progress trackers are built into both the Pick and Ship tabs, as seen below. This allows you to see how much of your order has been picked or packed and ready to ship. This is a particularly helpful feature on larger orders with lots of stock.

Warning symbols: If you select items that aren’t on your order tab (or you select too many), the program will flag them so you can see they should not have been picked or packed for shipping. Hover over the symbol to find out more about what the error is.

Still have questions about picking, packing and shipping? Contact the Support team and we’d be happy to help!

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