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PayPal orders to inFlow

How to download orders from Paypal to inFlow

You can download CSV files from PayPal once you’ve made your sales. To do so:

  1. Log into PayPal (be sure you’re logging into an admin account).
  2. Click the HISTORY link under the MY ACCOUNTS tab on your main vendor page (as soon as you log in).
  3. If available, be sure to choose to show your transactions in your home currency (there is a dropdown in the top right which allows you to choose).
  4. Filter the list to show the orders you wish to download.
  5. Click the DOWNLOAD: CSV link in the top right of the table
  6. You will see a window pop up where you can choose which file you’d like to download (for example, you can download only payment-completed transactions or all transactions).
  7. If your file is too large the system will email you a link once the file has been created. This link will log you back into PayPal and allow you to download the file. If it is reasonably small, then the system will load you straight into the window where you can download the file.

Importing the file to inFlow

Once you have a file from PayPal you can import it into inFlow in the following manner:

  1. Go to Main Menu > General > Import Data.
  2. Choose Sales Orders as your data type.
  3. Click Browse and select the file that you’d like to import (the one you made in step one).
  4. Click Next.
  5. Choose whether you want to import your orders as open or closed.
  6. Match the columns within your PayPal file to the columns in inFlow. We suggest the following matches:
inFlow FieldPayPal Field
Customer Information
PhoneContact Phone Number
EmailFrom Email Address
Addresses (Billing Address)
Address Line 1Address Line 1
Address Line 2Address Line 2/District/Neighborhood
Zip/Postal CodeZip/Postal Code
Order Info
Order DateDate
Order NumberTransaction ID
Order RemarksNote
Amount PaidNet
Item Info
Item Name/CodeItem Title
Item SubtotalGross
Custom 1Receipt ID

7. Click Next to finish.

If you are having trouble:

  1. Check to be sure that your refunds haven’t been imported as Fully Shipped orders. If so, cancel them.
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