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Customer Portal: how to see my past and present requests with the support team

We’ve recently released a new feature in our helpdesk system that allows you to track your past and present support requests, all in one place!


Have you sent us an email or chatted with us in the past? Great! Now here’s how to create your account so you can access your customer portal.

  1. After you submit an email to our support team or finish a live chat, you’ll receive a follow-up email with a link to your ticket at the bottom. Click on that link to open your customer portal.
  2. Select Get a password at the bottom of the window.
  3. Enter your email address and we’ll send you an email with further instructions.

NOTE: After you send us an email or start a live chat with us, that will be registered as a ticket in our system and assigned a unique number (eg. #212345). You can click on the ticket number link on the email to access your customer portal.


What’s a Customer Portal?

A Customer Portal is a platform where you’ll be able to see all your previous emails with us, as well as check their status, reply and submit new tickets. You can also check all of your Company’s communications with our team if you have the permission.

NOTE: this is not the same as your inFlow account, so you’ll still need to create an account/generate a password to be able to access the Customer Portal.

How can I see my emails (aka tickets)?

You can select My Activities and it will lead you to your tickets section. There you will see your tickets, all the other tickets where you were CC’d, and your Company’s tickets (company’s tickets are only available if you’re an admin – more on that further below).

You can also search for a particular ticket or a subject by using the Search requests section.

I’m an Admin, can I see my overall company’s tickets?

Yes, just reach out to our Support team, and we will quickly enable that for your account! As for other users, they won’t be able to see tickets other than their own.

Can I see the status of my ticket?

You can see the status of every ticket under the Status section, you can see Open, Awaiting your reply, or Solved. You can also search for ticket Status.

Open: your ticket was received by our team, please wait for an agent to reply

Awaiting your reply: An agent replied to your ticket, your turn to reply to us with the requested information

Solved: Your ticket was solved and closed. If you need to ask us more questions you can either submit a new ticket from the Portal or our dedicated Support page, or open that same ticket if needed (more on that below).

If my ticket says Solved can I still ask a question about that same issue?

Yes, you can click on your ticket and just write your question under Add to the conversation. That will change the status to Open and you’ll hear from us soon 🙂

NOTE: We do recommend this if you’re experiencing the same issue, however, if the ticket has been closed for more than 4 days, then a new ticket will be created. You can always mention your previous ticket number if this is the case.

Can I edit my profile or change my password?

Yes, you can click on your name in the upper right corner of the page and click on Edit my profile. From there you can change your name, add an image or change your email if you need to.

To create a new password just click on your name, choose Change my password and follow the steps indicated on the new window.

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Thank you for your input, your feedback is important to us.