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inFlow Cloud Prints Labels With Your DYMO printer

Posted by ThomasLast Updated April 25th, 2024
— 3 minutes reading

inFlow has supported barcode scanning for years now, and it’s one of the app’s most popular features. It speeds up sales because you can scan something once instead of typing it out, and you’re less prone to errors with a scanner than with a keyboard.

This barcode workflow had previously required you to house the barcodes in inFlow and then use another program to actually print the labels. It was still a working solution, but we definitely felt the disconnect.

So we’re happy to announce that our latest update helps to close that workflow loop. You can now use your DYMO printer to create pricing labels, barcode stickers, and more — right from inFlow Cloud for Windows.

We’ve written a full support article for setting up our DYMO integration, but all you’ll really need is a DYMO printer and inFlow Cloud.

You can use the their free Label software to create your own label templates for use in inFlow Cloud. These templates can be as large or as small as your DYMO printer can handle, and Label will help you test to see how much information can fit on a single label. If you don’t own a DYMO printer yet, you can check out our review of the LabelWriter 450.

Barcode as you go with DYMO and inFlow

Our integration with DYMO helps you to print fields like Item Name and Barcode so you can easily create labels that suit your business. If your business doesn’t use barcodes yet, you can easily create them with our Archon Code 39 Font.

You’ll love this feature for printing barcodes as you receive products on purchase orders, or as you finish making new items on work orders. inFlow will act as your permanent record of the goods you created and received, but it will also help you create the physical labels necessary for scanning and easy organizing. It’s the easiest way to barcode your business!

Create quick price tags with inFlow Cloud

If you set your own prices for your products, inFlow can now help you quickly create price stickers for use on you products or shelves. A simple label including the Item Name and Barcode. If you don’t have any price stickers yet, but have all of your item names and prices in inFlow, we’ve got a quick pro tip for you:

  1. Create and import a DYMO template that includes Price and Item Name. You can learn to do that on our support page.
  2. Make a new purchase order with all of the products that need price stickers
  3. Set the quantity column to the number of stickers that need to be printed for each product
  4. Head to the Labels and select Make Labels.
  5. On the Make Labels window, make sure you have the proper template selected.

That’s it. You’ll then be able to print out multiple labels for all the products included on that purchase order, with a single click.

We’re working hard on even more integrations for inFlow Cloud, but we hope you’ll give our DYMO integration a try and let us know what you think in the comments.

If you haven’t used inFlow before, follow the link below to check it out!

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