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Posted by Matthew Kostanecki
archon code 39 barcode font

We previously wrote about a free barcode font that many of you downloaded and have been working with for your business. However, we received your feedback that the the free font wasn’t useful since it produced barcodes that you couldn’t read yourself.

For example, if you turned *GOINFLOW* into a barcode using the old code 39 font, the results would look like the following:

old barcode font

While this barcode works and is perfectly scannable, it may not be as useful as possible. For example, if you printed a bunch of barcode stickers using the old font for many different products, you wouldn’t be able to distinguish them.

So, we created our very own code 39 barcode font! Using the Archon Code 39 Barcode Font, *GOINFLOW* now looks like the following:

new archon barcode font

Ah, much better!

While it’s a basic font, it should work for 99% of small businesses looking to implement any sort of internal barcode system. The font supports letters A-Z (in caps), numbers 0-9 as well as characters such as an asterisk, dash and a period.

We also stress tested the font and it seems size 24 is the minimum font size to ensure your codes will be readable when using a basic inkjet printer. We did notice, however, some codes could be read even when printed at size 16.

Just as a reminder, for your codes to work with a scanner, you have to include the * characters at the beginning and end of your code. This tells the scanner when to start and stop scanning.

It’s also important to note that the * characters will not appear after you’ve scanned your code. So scanning *GOINFLOW* will output the text GOINFLOW. You can even try this for yourself by printing the following out:

output after scanning goinflow barcode

Where can I download the Code 39 font?

The font is currently hosted download.com. You can download the Archon Code 39 Barcode Font here..

How do I get the Code 39 font installed?

For Windows

It’s really simple to install a font in Windows 7, 8, or 10. Simply double click the font file after you download it and click “install” on the next window that pops up. You can also try right clicking the “Archon Code 39 Barcode.ttf” font file and select the install option right from that menu.

install archon free barcode font

The font will be ready to use in all your programs including Microsoft Word and Excel. You usually don’t have to restart any programs or even the computer for that matter.

For other versions of Windows, you can install the font by placing the “Archon Code 39 Barcode.ttf” file in your fonts folder. This is usually under C:WindowsFonts or C:WINNTFonts (can be reached as well by the Start Menu > Control Panel > Appearance and Themes > Fonts).

For Mac

For OS X 10.3 or above, all you need to do is double click the font file and click the “install font” button at the bottom of the preview.

Just like Windows, you can also place the Font file in your fonts directory. For macOS, you can place the font file under /Library/Fonts (for all users), or into /Users/Your_username/Library/Fonts (for you only).

Code 39 Fonts in Use

For more information on on how to use a Code 39 such as this, you can see our original free barcode post here.

If you’re looking for more detailed information on how to set up a complete barcoding system for your business, you can also download Barcode Your Small Business from Amazon.com.

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About Matthew Kostanecki

Matthew Kostanecki is speaker, author, and active contributor to the small business community. He leads the marketing and business development for inFlow Inventory.

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  1. Hi!

    I love your Archon Code 39 Barcode font. However, in Adobe Illustrator I cannot get it to work. It shows up in the font list but it doesn’t convert the text to the Archon font. Do you have a fix for this?


    Braxton Bliss

    1. Hi Braxton, sorry our free font is provided as-is. We didn’t test the font for use in something like Illustrator which uses vectors, but it does work in apps like Photoshop.

  2. Looking for a 3 of 9, human readable, that will also support the / character. I have seen this referred to as 3 of 9 extended, human readable. Do you have this in your product line??

  3. Hi I wanted to know if you have a font that allows the two side digits to be on right and left side of barcode it looks like this image below

    1. Hi Reg, if you’re referring to the two asterisks at each end of the barcode, those will have to stay in place for the barcode to be scannable. The text below is really just for people to read — the 1D barcode (the vertical lines above) are what the scanner actually scans.

  4. hi I downloaded the font my question is how do I get rid of the plus icon in the number so that all the numbers are displayed?

    1. Hi Ray, this font doesn’t support a + symbol. However, it does have an asterisk (*) at the beginning and end. These are required for the font to be scannable.

  5. Hi,
    I really like the idea of the font with the corresponding number below. Thank you for this.

    I’m having a little trouble with it, however. If I print at 24 pt, I can scan fine. IF I print at 15 or 16 pt, it doesn’t print correctly. I thought maybe it was a scanner limitation as it doesn’t scan at all on the smaller size. If I scan, enlarge and reprint the original prints, I get a correct scan with the enlarged 24 pt, but the smaller font when enlarged prints a false reading.

    For example, 12345 prints correctly from the 24 pt print – whether I scan the original size or the enlarged size. When scanning the 15.5 pt print, it gives me nothing at original size and 5581 when enlarged. I can send you a scan of the original print made at 1200 dpi, if you like. Hopefully this helps someone.

    Kind wishes,

  6. Hi this is Nancy I have been using you program for over a year, I am ready to implement the wireless scanner, my question is !!! why do I need a computer instead of a table. the irrigation room is outside the office but we have Wi-Fi connection.
    second question is which wireless scanner do you recommend that is comparable
    with your program….I was shopping in Amazon too many choices, not clear what to get…

  7. Halo Sir,
    I have used Arcon 39 code font in NOTEPAD and printed it. But it is not scanned. What can i do to solve this problem ?

    1. Hi Anant, hmm, that’s strange. If you’ve printed the CODE 39 font onto paper, it should work immediately with any scanner that recognizes 1D codes. If it doesn’t, we’d suggest increasing the font size and trying again, or scanning from a closer or farther distance from the paper.

  8. I think this font is great, but could use just one adjustment.
    for the asterisk barcode character (start/stop) to be full height and not show the actual ‘*’
    So as to sandwich the rest of the barcode+characters in a bookend

    1. Hi Antoine, sorry about that, something is up with the link. I’ll email you a copy of the book today.

  9. HI

    bar code got generated but not able to scan
    what t do for scannable

    1. Hi Menaka,

      Hmm, this barcode font is definitely scannable on any 1D scanner. If you’re having trouble with it, I’d suggest trying to make the barcode a bit bigger, or make sure that your barcode is printed out (some scanners aren’t able to scan screens).

  10. Could you please tell me if the Archon Code 39.ttf Font is free to use or is there a trial period on it if downloaded.

  11. I’m trying the 3 of 9 barcode with the following value:


    The ‘\’ is a segment seperator, but it is creating a space in the barcode. Any ideas to work around this?

    1. Hi Scott,

      I gave this a try and it looks like it’s creating a separator in the barcode because ‘\’ is not one of the supported characters in that font set. Our Code 39 font only has the letters A–Z and the numbers 0–9, so using any symbols other than those would result in a break in the barcode. If you wanted to use a space separator and maintain the barcode, you’d have to choose one of the characters provided in our font set. Sorry about that!

  12. Is there an accompanying dll for Archon code 39? I’d like to use this with Crystal Reports, but CR requires a dll file.

    1. I’m sorry Bill, I’m afraid we do not have an accompanying .dll. Our code 39 font is just the .ttf file we’ve linked to on Download.com.

  13. Not able to install the font in my windows 7 machine , showing error “Cannot install Archon code 39 barcode.ttf does not appear to be valid font

    1. Hi Satish

      Be sure you unzip the folder before you try to install the font. Have you also tried it on another machine? Just tested it again on my Windows 10 machine and it seems to work no problem.

  14. Great explanation! Everyone always over complicate the explanations about bar coding. Finally someone did the opposite! Thank you for the great explanation!