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Yes We Can.

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We’re an odd group.  A collection of small business people, non-profit volunteers, and motivated employees going beyond the call of duty.  We’re scattered all around the world, young and old.  Most of us have never met, maybe only shared a few words by email.  And yet, we share the bond of all being sculptors of change.  We aren’t content to take the easy route and just settle into our place in the world.  We pose one burning question: Can we overcome all the obstacles and hardships that will block our way towards carving out the change we need?

To our friends who bravely work on rebuilding Afghanistan while fighting still rages on:  yes we can.

To the quiet but resolute young lady who abandoned her safety net to write a novel and seek out how to have a greater impact:  yes we can.

To all the entrepreneurs whose loved ones accuse them, “You’re crazy.  You can’t make a living doing this.”  Tell them:  yes we can.

To the multi-talented dreamer who won’t let the mounting chains of debt stop him from finding the path towards change:  yes we can.

To the artisan who continued crafting delightful soaps while fighting misguided legislation that could sweep it all away:  yes we can.

To the volunteers who turn away material rewards so that they can provide crayons for hospitalized children or shelter to the sexually abused:  yes we can.

To my closest friend whose battle with depression took him inches from death, but couldn’t stop him from making his vision a reality:  yes we can.

We may all be carving out change in different areas, but we share the strength of the human spirit as our chisel.

inFlow Inventory

inFlow Inventory


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