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It's Your Battle

by inFlow Inventory | Last Updated: July 30th, 2021 | Uncategorised | 0 comments

People often ask me how the recession is affecting us.  In my most sagely voice, I respond, “I don’t know”.

We’re continually improving our product, our marketing, and the way we do business.  As a result, we’re continuing to do better, despite the trends in the overall economy.  We might come up with a new way of promoting our product that helps increase sales 50%, or improve the product in such a way that doubles our revenue.  If we remove some roadblock that’s turning away one quarter of your potential customers, we increase sales by 33%.  Perhaps in a more prosperous general economy we’d see our numbers increasing by an extra 10-20%, but that’s just gravy – the things we can do have a much greater impact.

Whether you’re trying to grow your business, cope with extra work for the same money, or find a job; don’t let the economy or the news make you feel helpless.  It may be more of an uphill battle, but it’s still your battle.

inFlow Inventory

inFlow Inventory


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