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by inFlow Inventory | Last Updated: July 30th, 2021 | inFlow Updates | 6 comments

Inspiration can come from many sources. But here at inFlow, we get inspiration from our customers! We’re constantly making improvements in order to answer the needs of a broad and growing customer base. But how do you say thank you to such a diverse group of people?

And how do you make sure that in the sea of e-mails your customers get each day, your sentiment is heard and taken to heart?

Well, if you’re at inFlow, you go back to basics.

In an age where most of your business relationships are maintained by phone or e-mail, it is becoming harder to make real and lasting connections. So you could easily have clients you’ve never spoken to directly, or customers who think you’re an email response robot. At inFlow, we pride ourselves not only on caring about our customers, but on our ability to translate that caring into action. So we’ve been toiling away the hours to present to you our latest scheme. It took awhile to find the perfect thank you, but we did!

Freshly shipped all the way from California we’ve got brand spankin’ new, FSC certified, laser engraved, 4GB flash drives! Not only are these puppies powerful, but the FSC certification means that the wood comes from a site certified as responsibly managing their resources. At inFlow, it’s important to us that we are purchasing products that addresses personal responsibility to conserve our natural resources. As a result, we chose a company (and a product) which does just that. The drives are from a company that has been certified, carbon neutral. This means that where possible they’re minimizing their carbon emissions and investing in renewable offset projects.

But let’s talk about what’s really important here…the drives!

Each of these little darlings comes in its own case and sports a stunning natural hardwood shell made of European Maple (light wood). It is laser engraved with the inFlow logo on one side and our website on the other. It also comes complete with a detachable cord for easy carrying. The flash drive itself is 4GB and houses the most recent copy of the full inFlow inventory installer. In addition, it holds our product manual and the demo video we all know and love. But what we think makes this really special is that the people behind inFlow have banded together to hand wrap each and every single one of them. Not only are they hand wrapped, but they will also include a hand-written and personalized note thanking you for your part in the inFlow success story.

So at this point, you’re wondering where you’ll be able to buy your very own little inFlow flash drive huh? Too bad, they’re not for sale. But you could always try and win one… We’ll be giving away drives every month in conjunction with our monthly skill testing question so if you know the answer to this question:

“Where do I save my barcodes so that when I scan a product it’s added to my order?”

Get your contest entries in by November 30th, 2010 (Midnight EST) for a chance to win! And remember, there will be a draw every month, so check back often if you want to get your hands on this fine piece of hand-wrapped, eco-savvy technology!

inFlow Inventory

inFlow Inventory


  1. inFlow Inventory

    Hi Leo!

    Guess what? You’re the lucky winner of both the $50 VISA giftcard and the inFlow USB key! Please get in touch with us via e-mail at for further information!


  2. inFlow Inventory

    Didn’t win this month? Never fear, the contest runs every month this year! To make sure you get a chance to win be sure that you’re receiving the inFlow newsletter by clicking “register” here:

    Good luck in the next contest everyone!

  3. Mea

    Hey, I wish I could get one 🙂 is the contest running in 2011 ?? I wish it is 🙂

  4. mike

    I think I’m going to go for it, I’ve played with the demo and it seems pretty intuitive and pretty. 🙂


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