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On June 18th 2010, inFlow launched a new campaign designed to help abandoned children in South Africa.

Can the inventory software you use help change a child’s life? It can now!

On June 18th 2010, inFlow launched a new campaign designed to help abandoned children in South Africa.
As part of inFlow’s partnership with New Jerusalem Children’s Home, we plan to donate part of our revenue to this fantastic organization that cares for abandoned, abused, traumatized, orphaned, HIV positive children and vulnerable youth.

Striving to make a difference and getting involved with good causes has always been important to us . We’re exceptionally proud to partner with New Jerusalem and honored to be part of their vision to create a home and educational facility, fully equipped to provide quality, lasting care and education for these wonderful young children.


Founded by Anna Mojapelo in 2000, New Jerusalem aims to provide the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs to homeless children from the local settlements and shanty towns. Babies, forgotten and neglected, often left in public toilets, dustbins and even hospitals without name or families because of their HIV / AIDS status. inFlow’s goal is to raise money for the “Education for Life” initiative which helps provide materials and teachers for one years schooling for all ninety children at the home.

“We’re delighted inFlow has pledged to support us” said Anna “This campaign provides a unique opportunity for inFlow and it’s customers to make a real difference to the lives of these innocent children” Please click here for more information on how, with one click of your mouse, you can help inFlow, Anna and her team with the “Education for Life” program.

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who participated in our campaign to raise money for New Jerusalem’s Children’s Home, the campaign is now closed however please check back often as we continue to strive for excellence in the global community.

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