Flash vs Substance

Posted by Siobhan Hitchmough

A book that teaches you how to get rich is flash. A book that teaches you the inner workings of the financial system is substance.

A handbag that has the logo of a company printed all over it is flash. A handbag that lasts for 20 years and remains aesthetically pleasing is substance.
Get rich books and books about financial market
A customer support service that uses sophisticated phone and computer systems is flash. A customer support service that solves customer’s problems with speed and courtesy is substance.

Does your business focus on flash? Or on substance?

Are you sure?

Siobhan Hitchmough

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Siobhan Hitchmough is a customer advocate, community manager and part-time tutorial wrangler. When she's not seeking out new challenges she leads the community and support team at inFlow Inventory.

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