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The House is the Mirror of the Soul – A Wholesale Business from Spain

Posted by inFlow InventoryLast Updated July 30th, 2021
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My name is Maria and I take care of the day to day administration duties at All Home Imports S.L. We are a wholesale company located in Spain which imports household decoration items from manufacturers in China. We distribute these items to local small business shops in Spain, Portugal and other countries in Europe.

All Home Warehouse Small Business

Our parent company is located in Scotland and has been in business for more than 60 years. All Home Imports was created after one of the sons of the owners of the parent company decided to move to Spain and open his own smaller version of the business. He decided to focus and specialize in household decorations and furniture.

What products or services does your business offer?

We distribute all kinds of household decoration items such as mirrors, paintings, lighting fixtures and more to local shops. We also have exquisite chairs and patio furniture. At local fairs, we showcase and exhibit our products, which generate interest and give us new clients. While most of our customers are located in Spain, we have been expanding to other countries around Europe as well.

We believe that the decorations of homes say many things about the people that inhabit them. Items that owners have and display in their home reveal many aspects including their personality, thoughts, hobbies and more. We like to say “the house is the mirror of the soul.”

What are some day to day challenges you face?

I know first hand of all the day-to-day challenges that a wholesale company may have. We need to receive orders, control the stock, ship orders and deal with paperwork for payments and invoices.

It’s also important to have client history handy so you can answer any questions when they call. It is extremely important to have a good inventory system to keep tabs on all of this.

I am happy to say that inFlow has helped our company give fast customer service to our clients and has taken care of all our inventory needs.

If you are interested in selling home furnishings, please take a look at their company website: