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It’s like Christmas Came Early this Year – inFlow 2.4 is Here!

by inFlow Inventory | Last Updated: July 30th, 2021 | inFlow Updates | 2 comments

We are please to announce that the latest and greatest version of inFlow is now out of beta and available for you to download! Can’t wait to get your hands on it? Get the inFlow 2.4 download here .

This release focuses on making it even easier to connect multiple computers, more flexibility in reports and adding new importing features. More specifically, you may now import bills of materials lists and product pictures.

In addition to this, we squashed bugs you reported while also adding several tweaks to enhance the overall user experience. See the full inFlow 2.4 release notes.

We really must applaud you, the inFlow community, for all your feedback and suggestions making this the best version of inFlow to date. Special thank you to all the beta testers and customers taking the time to give us your opinion.

Of course it doesn’t end here, we will keep working hard to continue making inFlow the best choice for small business inventory management software!

Thanks again and here are those important links:

inFlow Inventory

inFlow Inventory


  1. Waqas Ahmad

    I and many other want an important feature that applying the discount to the total amount rather than the unit discount.

    Is it possible in this new release inFlow 2.4?

  2. inFlow Inventory

    Hey Waqas,

    You can actually discount the whole order in one of two ways:

    1. Set a discount in your customer’s record. Whenever you open an order for that customer the system will automatically apply a percentage discount to their order.

    2. Enter a discount on the first line of the order (let’s say 10%), hit tab. Next you’ll right click the 10% on the first line and choose “fill down” from the dropdown. This will copy your 10% discount to every line of the order, thereby discounting your whole order by 10%.

    Hope that helps!


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