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New Release: exciting news for you, it's inFlow version 2.2!

by inFlow Inventory | Last Updated: July 30th, 2021 | inFlow Updates | 0 comments

It’s time for a new release and this is the most exciting one yet!  The developers have been hard at work on the latest version of inFlow, and they’ve incorporated many of the suggestions we’ve been receiving through our forum and from our customers. 

The result is an exciting new step in inFlow’s development: the ability to handle multiple currencies!

The new functionality has been integrated into the inFlow you know and love so as to minimize changes to your user experience.  You can now set up default currencies other than your own for vendors or customers you have in other markets and inFlow will do all the calculations for you based on the conversions you enter.  What’s more, you can run reports that reflect both the forign currency and your own and even see an order total in your own currency by holding your mouse over the numbers.

There are plenty more exciting improvements to the program so head on over to our site and check out the full release notes of improvements here:

It is important to be sure that you’re data is prepared to move to the new version before you install and convert.  For more on the conversion process and new features click here:

To download now, visit the download page:

inFlow Inventory

inFlow Inventory


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