A new beta version of inFlow with built-in email and customer statements is ready!

Posted by Stephen Fung

It wasn’t that long ago that we released version 3.0, but we’re only just getting started!

Today we’re releasing version 3.1.0 of inFlow for beta testing. It lets you:

You can download it now at beta.inflowinventory.com.

 Please note that this is a beta release and by using this version while logged into inflow you’ll be automatically opted in as a beta tester.  As one of our beta testers, you’ll get access to brand new features and improvements before anyone else, but you may run into rough edges we haven’t had a chance to polish yet, and we need your feedback to make inFlow better.  If you find anything that seems off, please let us know at beta@inflowinventory.com

Once again, you can download this at beta.inflowinventory.com — we can’t wait to hear what you think!

About Stephen Fung

Stephen Fung is a co-founder of inFlow Inventory. He does a million things but at heart loves building great software.

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